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moving on


Strange photo for the title of this post, right? Let me explain.

We are moving on from apartment 136 next weekend. One week left.

I figured it was time to pack up our 19 months here.

Turns out, I’m packing up memories prior to apartment 136. Each shirt I find buried in my dresser drawers brings on a wave of memories.

Some good, some really good, some hilarious. Nothing bad-so far.

This particular shirt struck me.

It is in no way close to fitting me now. I think the photos in the collage were taken in 2008 or 2009, can’t remember. I wore this shirt to my first Cross Canadian Ragweed concert at Remmingtons.

I remember having a blast with my love and our friends. The photo of Nick and I (top right) is one of my very favorite photos of us. One of those weird Kodak moments that captures pure happiness. Love it.

Love this shirt. Love those memories. But–I’d rather put it in the donate pile.

My boss’ church opens a “store” for teens needing “new” clothes at a local school. I would love for this shirt to keep making memories, instead of being shoved in a drawer.

Plus, if I let myself keep this one, I would have to keep 20 things that don’t fit and that’s pointless.

Blah, sappy much? Back to packing…


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