the knowing

We know. The information we’ve waited on for two years. The day has came, and passed, and now our job is to act on what we know to be in our near future.

So what do we know?

Jeremy will be working in an outpatient physical therapy setting in Salt Lake City, Utah beginning in late August. (This is 18+ hours from home.) Next, he will be in a neuro rehab setting in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the next eight weeks.

Then, he will be home for a couple weeks for the holidays. Luckily, Fayetteville is only a couple hours from home so weekend travel won’t be a problem.

In January, he’s back on the road for his next rotation in St. Louis at a VA hospital (three and a half to four hours from home). Then he’s off to Wichita, Kansas for the fourth and final clinical in an acute care (in-patient setting) hospital.

He will be finished and hopefully back home after the first week of May. Graduation will follow a couple weeks after that. Whew!

So, what does all of this mean? Where will I live, where will Jeremy live, how much will this cost, what will we do with all of our stuff, where will he get a job… These are all questions, mostly ones which I cannot answer at this point.

Here’s what we’ve decided thus far… I will move back in with my parents (no more apartment 136.) Ideally I will be able to travel to SLC in the beginning to help him settle in. That’s all that’s been decided. Yikes!

There are lots of decisions to be made and many discussions to be had. It’s overwhelming, stressful, exciting…blah!

More to come when there’s more to share.



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