Enchilada Omelets, por favor

Hola! Happy Cuatro de Mayo!

We had a fiesta for patients at work on Friday, complete with Mexican music, sombreros, and comida. There were a few pans on enchiladas leftover… So I did my part and took home a pan.

We ate enchiladas for dinner last night and had two leftover.

This morning I put those two to work, along with eggs, rotel (tomatoes and chiles), an avocado, cilantro, and cheddar.

I guess I should note that the enchiladas are chicken poblano enchiladas from Carlos O’Kelly.

What a yummy brunch!

Here’s the lesson…anything you mix with eggs, rotel, cheese, cilantro, and avocado can’t be bad. But, the tortillas did get a little soggy for my taste. That wouldn’t deter me from making something like this again, but it was my least favorite part.

Now, Jeremy and I are putting in a movie–Silver Linings Playbook–and having ice cream!





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