Simple summer salsa

To me, the best way to test salsa freshness is the bad-breath-test. A quality fresh salsa with tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc. should leave you with a repulsive stench of garden breath.

I’m serious!

Tonight I made fresh salsa! My parents have had a vegetable garden for 10+ years and fresh salsa is an Allen family summer staple.

I skipped the garden and bought a few things at the grocery for fresh salsa. Most of these we had.

– 3 large tomatoes, we bought slicing tomatoes I think, but your favorite will do
– 1 medium yellow onion
– 3 garlic gloves
– 1 cup cilantro, packed
– juice of one small lime
– red pepper, we have whole peppers on a string in our kitchen, but red pepper flakes would be fine
– salt and black pepper, I used sea salt
– garlic powder, to enhance the garlic taste

I chopped the ingredients in rounds in the Ninja chopper. Dumped each round into a glass bowl and mixed it together at the end. Salsas are super easy and definitely worth the little bit of work (holding down the chopper button, stirring, taste testing) and can mean a big time savings. We go through a lot of salsa!

An extremely customizable dish, salsa can be made to fit your tastes and recipes. If you have a must-have-it salsa ingredient — leave a comment!

We ate our salsa with chips, but I’m planning on having it over eggs too!

Beware: mouthwash required after eating! Enjoy the photo of the mess/aftermath.




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