south-of-the-border sweet potatoes

Oh boy, tonight’s dinner was a treat. We have been out of fresh fruits and veggies all week, so I made a quick stop (yeah right) at Walmart on the way home. I decided we would try a recipe featured on this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser.

Here is the link to the original recipe because I did have a couple variations.

– 2 sweet potatoes (the link says 8 oz potatoes. I could not find any decent looking half-pounders so ours are more like 12 oz, 98 c/lb)
– 1/2 lb ground turkey (I bought 1lb of 85/15 for the cost savings and will use other half in another recipe, $3.98)
– Fresh salsa, medium (near refrigerated produce at Walmart, $2.98)
– Jar of roasted salsa verde (I bought World Table brand, $1.98)
– 4T of plain Greek yogurt (I bought a pretty good sized container for $4.48)
– Some type of Mexican/taco/fajita seasoning (I had half a packet of taco seasoning in my cabinet, I also added 1/4t of ground cumin)
– We used cilantro and lime to garnish, because we already had them. These really made the flavors POP!

Pretty simple here, folks. Throw the potatoes in the microwave and cook them until super soft. Don’t forget to poke several holes and put a damp paper towel on top of them. Because our microwave is a hand-me-down and is on its last life these took about 15 minutes.

In the mean time, get working on that lean protein. (I couldn’t help but to italicize the word lean). Brown the meat, but don’t kill it. Put half in an airtight container for another meal. That leaves you with 8 oz in your skillet. You’ll split this evenly to make 4 oz portions. Drain the fat/water. There was hardly any! Love it!

Add your desired seasoning and give it about 10 minutes to cook into the meat. Adding about 1/4c water is wise. It will cook off.

Now, when your turkey is seasoned and you potatoes are really soft when squeezed with tongs, you’re ready to rock.

Cut a slit in your potato and start piling on. As noted in the Biggest Loser recipe, topping portion sizes are as follows:
– 1/4c drained fresh salsa
– 2T green salsa
– 4 oz ground turkey
– 2T Greek yogurt (such an awesome sour cream replacement)

We garnished with lots of fresh cilantro and a quarter of a lime!

This dish is unexpectedly yummy; giving you sweet, savory, and spicy all at once. Plus, you’re getting a load of vitamins and good stuff! Refer to the link for specific nutrition facts but I think we’re in the ball park of 350 calories on this one — and boy, I’m full!!

Let me know your thoughts, or if you’ve tried something similar!





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