Beans don’t burn on the grill

It’s true. They don’t.

When you are handed a 73 degree January day in Missouri, what do you do?

Get your grill on!

Tonight we had grilled seasoned chicken breasts, grilled green beans, and brown rice for dinner.

I put four FROZEN boneless skinless chicken breasts on the grill. We happened to have several thick ones in this week’s bag. I seasoned the top side with some kickin’ flavor. Two of the breasts were sprinkled with Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle (we love it for its no sodium-ness) & two with Gusteauxs Cajun seasoning.

We love Gusteauxs! It’s salty, spicy, and a little something different. Plus, it’s creators live in Jeremy’s hometown — Evening Shade, AR.

I always like to grill chicken on low, especially when it is frozen. Low and slow is the name of the game. In all, it took 35 minutes to pre-heat (5 mins) and cook. Half way through, I flipped the bird boobs and seasoned the naked side with fresh ground black pepper.

To the beans… We really like the Steamfresh frozen green beans. They take 5 minutes in the microwave and have a fresh crunch. I put a different spin on them tonight. I made a foil sailboat and dumped two bags of frozen beans inside. Seasoning included: two teaspoons of dried basil, two teaspoons of dried parsley, one teaspoon of season salt, four torn fresh basil leaves, and butter. I would estimate that 4 T is enough for 2 bags of beans. I overdid it with 8 T. Oops!

The beans took a bit longer than the chicken, but boy was it worth the wait! Our beans were slightly soft with a fresh herby flavor with a savory butter dressing. In the bottom of the bean boat, was the buttery dressing that we spooned over our Minute brown rice – prepared on the stove. (I’m not that good, yet!)

We have leftovers for lunchtime tomorrow and are feeling very satisfied! Photos below 🙂







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