twenty thirteen

And so it is, a new year.

We survived the predicted rapture, Mayan end to the world, and the fiscal cliff.

First, I will start the year by making fun of the people that say “physical cliff”. Seriously? It is the opposite of physical.

Second, let’s preview the upcoming year:
– January: I turn 23!
-February: Such a boring month, but my dad turns 49.
– March: Mom turns the Big 5-0
-April: My dear friend Chelsea ties the knot. Jeremy is supposedly to find out his clinical sites. Eeek!
– May: Brother graduates high school.
– June: Another sweet friend ties the knot. I travel to a work conference.
– July: We all sweat to death.
– August: Sweating continues as my love and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Jeremy embarks on his third and final year of graduate school.
– September: Pesky little brother turns 19.
– October: Start to cool off!
– November: Jeremy turns 26 and we shall feast.
– December: Holidays!

There it is, a preview of what’s to come. Here we go!


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