Live from the Y

That’s right, folks. I’m blogging while riding a bike at the Y (and listening up Maroon 5).

I just mounted this two-pedaled contraption and have made it an ambitious .75 miles so far. Woo!

Somehow, in my weekend adventures, I have injured the arch of my right foot. It’s super painful to walk, stretch it, or put any weight on it. So the bike is my exercise of choice tonight.

Hey here’s an idea: maybe my foot wouldn’t hurt so bad to put weight on it if I wasn’t overweight. What a novel idea! With that being said, my goal for the week is to make it to the Y three times. I think it is achievable!

I’m up to 1.22 miles. Starting to get a little warm in here!

When we get home (Jeremy is riding a bike behind me), I am making homemade pizzas. Cannot wait!

Back to pedaling….


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