You’re probably thinking I should have used the less than symbol in my title. Nope. I meant to say that one dollar is greater than seven hundred fifty six dollars.

I received a phone call this afternoon from our wedding reception venue. They were calling to inform me that their linen company wouldn’t accept the linens for their routine cleaning because there was wax all over them. True story.

We had 28 tables with guests at them and approximately 12 candles on each table. The linens are $27 to replace. No need to pull out your handy pocket calculator. That’s $756 folks.

I had the option to clean them, or pony up the Benjamins.

I turned to good old Pinterest and decided I had no option, but to find a way to get these tablecloths clean.

Here’s what to do:
• Fold the cloth in a way that the wax is on top. Put it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.
• Take it out. Use a knife (I use a paring knife) to scrape off pieces of wax. You will still be able to see the wax.
• Drape it across your ironing board and turn your iron on low-medium.
• When it’s warm, you’re ready to rock. You’ll need paper bags. I bought 50 lunch sacks at Walmart for $1.00 (Hence the post title).
• Place a bag over the scraped wax, iron over your bag. The wax will absorb into the bag. Be sure you only use the iron on the area that your bag is covering. Otherwise you are melting the wax into the fabric again.
• Abracadabra, voila, shazam! Wax has disappeared. It cost you a whopping $1.00. And if you’re in the same boat as me, you’ve saved your ass (and $755).
• Note: if you have paper bags from the grocery with writing or printing on them, steer clear. Spend the dollar to avoid ink transfer.

Photos below/attached. Keep in mind, linens have not been washed since the reception.






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