the summer of love

Two thousand twelve has lots in store for my beautiful family friends, and myself. My calendar is full of weddings. Shannon and Colton in May. Maggie and Bau in May. Kelsey and Andrew in June. Beth and Corey in June. Lindsay and Mitch in July. Jeremy and I in August. Melodie and Ricky in October.

Holy Moly!

But, there was a bit of a twist. Melodie learned she was pregnant about a month after she and Ricky became engaged, and Baby Rooker is due at the end of August! (Yay, babies!) They moved the wedding to March. Last weekend, they tied the knot in a little white church in the middle of nowhere – literally. I will probably never go to Butterfield, Missouri again. Actually, I know I won’t.

Here are a few photos I snapped with my phone during the ceremony. Baby Rooker isn’t even visible to the naked eye!


Congratulations to The Rooker’s! I learned one thing from the first wedding of the season, bring a freaking camera. I wish I had better quality photos.


What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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